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Christopher Mir - Perfect From Now On

The paintings by Christopher Mir (Baltimore, USA, 1970 -) evoke an uncertain heaven on earth, through a blend of Heroic Fantasy and digital surrealism. The characters, too familiar to be true, are embedded in paradoxical backgrounds to the misleading quietness. The line is clear, even meticulous, but from the canvases comes a sense of distance or inadequacy, induced by the subtly arranged shift between the figurative elements and the graphic patterns. This juxtaposition creates a dense and complex narrative, nourished as much from socio-historical references as from a kind of crypto-futuristic spirituality. For Perfect From Now On, the artist presents in parallel with his large narrative canvases small-size still lifes, with a faster and softer touch, details or recurring motifs, highlighted to accentuate the effect of decolonizing our minds.

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