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Sophie Alphonso - Haunted Meat

TMproject proudly presents the first solo show of the young Swiss artist Sophie Alphonso (Geneva 1985 -) with a set of her latest paintings, entitled Haunted Meat. She paints in oil, motor racing, silhouettes of her everyday life in the landscapes of a twilight tinted near future. Humor and uncertainty shape a floating world sifted with dreams and surrealistic distortion. Sub-layers that locally appear, reveal the patient direct work on the canvas, and create a sense of timelessness, a reverse dive into the cosmic void. In each canvas, a disillusioned psychedelic tale surfaces, eluding the limits of the society portrait. Beneath the acidulated varnish, the stratified work on figurative elements reboots the fantasy bomb, releasing snippets of unconscious and childhood memories. The drift of colored surfaces opens spaces where the characters emerge, under Hodler like skies strongly contrasting with the almost photographic compositions. The artist develops a tectonic of painting, which shows subtly framed force fields and centrifugal tensions.