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Stéphane Detruche

Born 1970 in Geneva, Switzerland

Lives and works in Geneva



Graduated from the Superior School of Visual Art (ESAV), Geneva, Switzerland


Founder of Loopmatic, performance and experimental cinema, with Caroline Suard.

Awards / Grants


Scholarship for Creation, Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Geneva.


City of Nyon Art Prize, cinematographic performances, Loopmatic.
Scholarship for Creation, Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Geneva.


2nd Prize from Fond Cantonal de Décoration et d’Art Visuel, Geneva, 12th graduation contest of ESAV.

Performances and Installations


Vos Papiers !, TMproject Gallery, Geneva.


Les Monts Analogiques, TMproject Gallery, Geneva.
Natruche & Destrowelt, video installation, BAC, Mac_09, Geneva.
Vorsicht Kunst Lagerrrrrrrrrrrr, video installation, Rodéo. 12, Geneva.


00Z version2, multiprojections with 7 projectors 16 mm., Loopmatic, BAC, Mapping Festival, Geneva.
Video Ex Festival, video projection, Kaserne, Zurich.


Aquanaute, multiproject. for 11 projectors 16 mm., Loopmatic, Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux.
Mucho Metro Mas, video installation and digital prints, Olé Olé, Geneva.


Tactile Planet, multi-media, CCCB, Bacfestival, Barcelona, Spain.
Loopo Festival, multiprojections, 16 mm. Loopmatic, Coupola Venus, Barcelona, Spain.


Aquanaute, multiprojections for 11 projectors 16 mm, Loopmatic, Nuit de la Science, Geneva.


Batofar cherche la Suisse, multiprojection, 16 mm., Loopmatic., Paris, France.
A crying game, triptych 8 projecteurs 16mm, Loopmatic, galeria Trafo, Budapest, Hungary.
A crying game, diptych with 5 projectors 16mm, Loopmatic, Video Ex Festival, Zurich.
Romandie rock !, ” festival M4 Music ”, multiprojection, Loopmatic, Echolot, Zurich.


Swiss Cinema Days, Doegmeli, datatransmission, multiprojection, 16mm., S8, Loopmatic, Solothurn.
Video Ex Festival, multiprojection, 16mm., Loopmatic, Kaserne, Zurich.
Vaud film Festival, multiprojection, 16 mm., Loopmatic, Casino de Montbenon, Lausanne.
A crying game, diptych with 5 projectors 16mm , Loopmatic, Théatre 347, Paris, France.
La montagne est tombée, diptych with 4 projectors 16mm., Loopmatic, Cinema Spoutnik, Geneva.
A crying game, Biennial of Image in Movment, diptych with 5 projectors 16 mm, Loopmatic, Attitudes, Geneva.
A crying game, diptych with 5 projectors and les pieds au ciel, triptych with 8 projectors,
Loopmatic, Festival les Urbaines, Zinéma, Lausanne.
CH-connexion 2, multiprojection, 16 mm, Banana, Barcelona, Spain.


CH-connexion 1, multiprojection, 16 mm., Loopmatic, Banana, Barcelona, Spain. night, multiprojection, 16 mm. S8, Fête de la musique, Geneva.
Zombie clubbing, multiprojection, 16 mm. S8, Festival du film fantastique, Neuchatel.
Young Gods event, datatransmission, multiprojection, 16 mm., Loopmatic, Artamis, Geneva.
Aftermat, installation, sound and light (coll. C. Jenkins, C. Suard), Festival les Urbaines, Lausanne.
Fiesta lux, wallprojection, triptych, 16 mm, Rue du Pont-Neuf, Paris, France.